Can You Get CBD Oil On Prescription In The UK?

As of the 1st November 2018 the UK has witnessed a change in the law regarding cannabis medicine. Where controlled cannabinoids such as, THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) have previously been illegal for a doctor to prescribe, the recent rescheduling can be viewed in this statement from the Home Office. Research has confirmed that cannabis does provide a therapeutic benefit to humans. It is now legal for certain people in ‘special cases’ to apply for the prescription of medicinal cannabis and placed into the schedule two category.

Special cases who can potentially apply for the prescription are seen as people with certain ailments including children with epilepsy and sufferers of chronic pain. The cannabis oil which can benefit these individuals contains a higher ratio of THC to CBD than what we legally sell as a food supplement in the UK, which are trace levels of THC under 0.2%.

CBD oil is not yet available on the NHS for most but who knows in time, which could be some time mind. Alfie Dingley’s mother Hannah Deacon reported on the day of new legislation being passed, that all was not black and white either for the special individuals to have their applications passed for prescription. There still seem to be grey areas within the application process. You can listen to what Hannah has to say in this Facebook live video. These complications should be slowly ironed out in time, as with most new laws being passed there are mostly always teething issues.

You can view the link to the statement from the NHS here.

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