Not so long ago, if you asked someone what CBD was, they’d probably look at you perplexed, wondering what on earth you were going on about?

Fast forward a year or two and it seems most people today have some sort of knowledge of the product and many are even using hemp oil themselves (or a variant of the oil such as CBD capsules or vape) to promote a healthy lifestyle.

This seems mainly due to the increased media and parliamentary attention from recent cases earlier this year regarding epilepsy sufferers Alfie Dingley and Billy Caldwell. The publicity surrounding their experiences led to changes in UK law, meaning, in special cases, medicinal cannabis is now available on prescription.

We were interested in finding out some real data based on how many people know about, or would consider using, cannabis oil in the UK. After searching online, it didn’t take long to find a great poll relating to our query.

Would you use Cannabis Oil for a health ailment?In February this year The Daily Express covered an article regarding things to consider before entering the world of CBD oil themselves and the results were encouraging towards hemp oil. Out of 3,800 participants, only 10% would be sceptical of using CBD, while 41% stated that they are currently using hemp / CBD oil. A remarkable 49% of participants agreed that they would consider using CBD products and have heard many positive advantages.

View the survey here.

To further this study, we conducted a poll within a Facebook group. We asked the public ‘Would you consider CBD to maintain your wellbeing?

Out of a total of 23 votes, 20 people responded ‘Yes, I’ve heard positive results’, while only 3 votes stated that ‘I’m not sure, I reserve judgment for now’.

Not a single participant voted ‘No, I am sceptical of CBD’.

I guess you could say this proves that the stigma associated with cannabis is being dispelled.