It always pays to do your research before making a purchase online and, especially when it comes to CBD Oil, there are many important factors to take into consideration.

Below are 5 things to think about when buying CBD products:

Does the supplier have legitimate lab testing results for their products?

Each batch of CBD produced by the manufacturer must have up-to-date lab test results. This ensures consistency and is actually a compliance requirement set out by the MHRA. You should be able to find the lab test results either on the supplier’s website or the seller should produce them on request. If the seller is not forthcoming in disclosing this information, it’s probably best to search for a product from a different supplier.
Image credit Facebook: The Cannabis Trades Association UK

Be very wary of CBD oil/Hemp oil listed on eBay and Amazon

The Cannabis Trades Association UK independently lab tested a handful of products which were listed on eBay* and the results were unbelievable! Most products contained hardly any CBD content at all and, the one product that did, contained only half of the amount advertised on the packaging.

Cheaper is not necessarily better

As mentioned above, some cheaper oils have been shown to contain mostly different variations of sugar content and not the CBD advertised on the packaging/product labelling. Be careful what you are digesting!


CBD or Cannabidiol is not the only compound which optimises your wellbeing. There are compounds found within the whole plant that work in various ways. You should also look for CBD oils which contain CBDa and CBG.

Know the law

Make sure the product that you are potentially going to purchase doesn’t contain THC, THCa or CBN content levels above 0.2% as these are some of the psychoactive compounds found within the Cannabis plant. Content levels above 0.2% are deemed illegal in the UK / EU and could result in prosecution if found in your possession.


*Image credit Facebook: The Cannabis Trades Association UK